Under Automation Project, Gilgit-Baltistan Police, Police Kidmat Marakiz have been established in all district headquarters. The Punjab Information Technology Board has been plying a key role by providing technical assistance to develop service oriented applications and deployment in Police Khidmat Mrakaz. An automated and integrated applications in these centers for public facilitation brought transparency beside swift services. One Khidmat Marakiz in each district has been established in most accessible areas for facilitation of general public where many facilities are being provided under one roof. Public may access the Police Khidmat Marakiz to avail the below mentioned services :-   
  1. Police Character Certificate Online verifiable Police Character certificates are being issued to the citizens from Police Khidmat Marakiz after processing their applications through online integrated system with concerned police stations. The traditional manual and time consuming approach of issuance of the certificates from district SsP Offices has been stopped. The students who want to study abroad can apply for Police Character Certificates from the concerned Police Khidmat Markaz. Dedicated staff is available for guidance and public facilitation.
  2. Employee Verification These verification certificates can also be issued from Police Khidmat Marakiz. The citizens may approach concerned Police Khidmat Marakiz for getting Employee verification certificates. These certificates can be verified through the system based QR code from anywhere in the country.
  3. Driving learner permit Public may also approach Police Khidmat Marakiz for getting system generated online verifiable learners permit. Issuance of online learners permit is possible within half hour. Online verification of learners permit and Driving licenses issued by Gilgit-Baltistan Police can be made through web link https://dlmis.gbp.gov.pk/verify/
  4. Regular Driving License Issuance of Regular Driving licenses through online integrated system shall start after 42 day ie June 3, 2023. The applicants who have collected driving learner permit from Police Khidmat Marakiz through online system may approach for driving test. The persons who qualify driving test are eligible for Regular Driving License in the Police Khidmat Marakiz of Gilgit-Baltistan.
  5. Renewal of Regular/Commercial Driving license Renewal of Regular and commercial licenses shall be activated soon after activating Regular licenses through online system. For public facilitation, renewal of old licenses shall be continued through manual system till activation of online Renewal Module.
  6. Copy of FIR This services shall be enabled in all Police Khidmat Marakiz of Gilgit-Baltistan for public facilitation. Public may approach for getting copy of FIR from PKM after submitting their application with justification.
  7. Tenant registration This service shall be made function for keeping record of temporary residents. This service facilitate owners to keep track record of the tenants. On the other hand, the application will check on the criminal history from core applications.
  8. Verification of domestic employees
  9. Police Report
  10. Missing report