Police Training

Mission Statement;

To enhance the ability of Police to Protect & Serve people by making use of Information Technology Tools and Gadgets.

Police training School:

Police School of Information Technology is the first of specialized school for the professional IT training of Gilgit-Baltistan Police. Keeping in view importance of IT in this digital age. Vision of IGP Gilgit-Baltistan, Mr. ________________, for technologically well-equipped police force gave birth to Police School of IT in ___________ Police Lines Peshawar. Today’s police officer of a modern day police is equipped with a vast array of technological tools designed to make their work more connected, more efficient and safer. The average police officer today uses everything from smartphones to laptops to fully integrated databases. Officers today need to be better equipped, better trained and to have more resources available to them for preventing and solving crimes. It is core mission of Police School of IT to train, every police officer and newly inducted officers, in different computer technologies (from basic to advance) and software applications used by Police force. The School was formally inaugurated by Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Mr. ______________ on 7th September 2015.