List of Shuhada GB Police

Shuhada-e Gilgit-Baltistan Police

Many officers/officials of Gilgit-Baltistan Police bravely and courageously performed their duty against terrorists and criminal elements. Time is proud of such brave sons who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country and the nation. The history of Gilgit-Baltistan Police is also replete with the everlasting sacrifices of officers/officials. Names of Shaheed officers/officials of Gilgit-Baltistan Police who attained the highest rank of martyrdom during duty.

S.#Name of Shaheed/rankDistrict/Branch/ UnitsDate of ShahadatDomicile/ Home Address
1FC IbrahimDistrict Diamer20-07-1976Batogah Diamer
2FC Muhammad HanifDistrict Diamer20-07-1976District Astore
3FC Abdul HananDistrict Diamer20-07-1976District Diamer
4FC Shamher KhanDistrict Diamer17-11-1982Darel Diamer
5FC Adina JanDistrict Ghizar29-09-1985Gupis Ghizar
6FC Shah NazirDistrict Diamer 29-08-1987Gais Bala Diamer
7FC Amir ShahDistrict Diamer29-08-1987District Ghizar
8HC Asghar AliPTC Gilgit25-05-1988Nomal Gilgit
9FC Sardar  HussainDistrict Gilgit25-05-1988Nomal Gilgit
10HC Amir HayatDistrict Gilgit27-07-1990Murtazaabad Hunza
11FC Taj RahmatDistrict Diamer25-06-1992Darel Diamer
12SIP Shah Rais KhanDistrict Skardu13-09-1993Khur Gilgit
13ASIP Niamat KhanDistrict Diamer12-02-1996Babusar Diamer
14FC SalahuddinDistrict Ghizar12-02-1996Ghulapur Ghizar
15SGC Niat JanDistrict Ghizar29-09-2002Raushan/The Gupis Ghizar
16HC Yaqoob ShiekhCrime Branch Gilgit12-10-2003Minimarg/Shounter Astore
17FC Muhammad RiazDistrict Diamer13-10-2003Minimarg/Shounter Astore
18Sakhiullah Khan Tareen (Former IGP GB)CPO GB Gilgit23-03-2005Hayatabad Peshawar KPK
19ASI Muhammad HussainPTC Gilgit23-03-2005Ali Muhala Kahshrote
20FC M.Ibrahim KhanDistrict Gilgit23-03-2005Danyore Gilgit
21FC Nadeem AhmedDistrict Gilgit23-03-2005Skarkoi Gilgit
22FC Manzoor AlamDistrict Gilgit23-03-2005Hussainabad Hunza
23SGC Syed Ahmed RazaSB GB Gilgit23-04-2005District Kharmang
24FC Sherbaz KhanDistrict Gilgit26-09-2009Minawar Gilgit
25FC Shahid MehmoodARP GB Gilgit27-09-2009District Shigar
26Iftikhar Hussain(Chowkidar)ARP GB Gilgit30-10-2009Napurah Baseen Gilgit
27FC Mushtaq AhmedDistrict Ghizar26-06-2010Hatoon Ghizar
28FC Rehbar AhmedARP GB Gilgit10-07-2010Pain Baseen Gilgit
29ASI Shabbar HussainSB GB Gilgit27-07-2010Napurah Baseen Gilgit
30FC SadaqatullahDistrict Diamer23-11-2010Simigal Darel Diamer
31DSP Muhammad IbrahimDistrict Gilgit04-01-2012Nagral Gilgit
32FC Raja Shah JamaluddinARP GB Gilgit25-08-2012Yasin Ghizar District
33FC Niaz AliARP GB Gilgit29-09-2012Amphary Gilgit
34FC Adil KarimCTD GB Gilgit12-12-2012District Hunza
35IP Attaullah KhanDistrict Diamer29-03-2013Bunji Astore
36FC M.Haleem ShahDistrict Diamer29-03-2013Darel Diamer
37SSP Muhammad Hilal (PSP)District Diamer06-08-2013District Swat KPK
38FC Sher bahadurARP GB Gilgit25-08-2013Jagir Baseen Gilgit
39FC Firadoon ShahDistrict Gilgit23-09-2013Sharote  Gilgit
40FC IbadullahDistrict Ghizar15-08-2014District Ghizar
41FC Zahid HussainDistrict Ghizar15-08-2014District Ghizar
42FC Khalid AkhtarDistrict Gilgit24-03-2016Jutial Gilgit
43FC Arif HussainDistrict Diamer04-08-2018Rim Tangir Diamer
44HC Fazal-ur-RahmanDistrict Gilgit11-08-2018Napurah Gilgit
45FC Nawab KhanDistrict Gilgit11-08-2018Napurah Gilgit
46FC Muhammad WakeelDistrict Gilgit11-08-2018Napurah Gilgit
47FC Baseer AbbasCTD GB Gilgit06-10-2018Napurah Gilgit
48FC KamranullahSPU02-04-2019Kashrote Gilgit
48FC Junaid KarimCTD GB Gilgit28-07-2020Aliabad Hunza
49SIP Muhammad ShorabCTD GB Gilgit28-07-2020Bonji Astore
50FC Ishtiaq AhmedCTD GB Gilgit28-07-2020Dashkin Astore
51FC Ghulam MurtazaCTD GB Gilgit28-07-2020Shounter Astore
52FC  Zia-Ur-RahmanCTD GB Gilgit28-07-2020Khinar Diamer
53FC Yasir HussainDistrict Gilgit06-11-2020Sharote Gilgit